1 Silver & 2 Bronze medals was won by Latvians in World Cup 2017

1-3 of Dec. 2017 in Minsk, Belarus was held International Martial Arts Games. It was a great Event of Martial Arts, more then 4000 participants from 71 countries took part in this Games and compete in 16th kinds of MA in Minsk. Most biggest from them was ITF World Cup 2017. 1500 participants was where. Where was 9 competitors from Latvia took part in ITF World Cup 2017 and thee of them was successful.  Polina Medvedeva was Silver medal in Junior Patters 1-2 degree, cadet Sergey Gushchin (-55kg) and junior Roman Izotov (-69kg) won Bronze medals in sparring.    

"Latvian Open Amber Cup 2017"

was held 6-7th of October 2017 in the Riga's National Sports Arena in Riga. Latvian Taekwon-do Federation holds this tournament annually and every veryy successfully. 16 teams from nearest countries gathered at the Amber Cup this year. Competitors from Russia, Belarus, Sweden, Estonia, Finland are attend this event as usual and off cause  many Latvian clubs was represented in Amber cup 2017 too. The main Overall Team Cup won Estonian united team in  this year. Second was Latvian TKD Central School team and third team from Belarus.

from 3rd till 14 July 2017    In Skradin, Croatia was hold  Training camp CRO COMBAT 2017 conducted by Master V.Semenkov. This Camp are held for the fourth time under the leadership of Master Semenkov. The air temperature sometimes reached 38'C degrees. The trainings were combined with unforgettable trips to the KRKA National Park and the trip on boat to the Adriatic Sea. Excellent food along with wonderful climatic conditions and an excellent training facilities has created ideal conditions for training and recreation. Many thanks for our partners, who organize our say in Skradin, the company Scardona Park directed by Mr.Drago Macek.  We hope that this Camp will contribute to the high achievements of our athletes on the upcoming starts!

3rd of June 2017, Riga's Nacional Sport Arenna was hold  International Child & Youth Games Baltic Tiger cub 2017. Team from 10 clubs from Estonia, England and Latvia took part in this taekwon-do event. Most seccessful  was LTCS Team from Riga, they won 39 medals (12 Gold, 15 Silver, 12 Bronze). Universal Team from four Estonian clubs won 33 medals (15 Gold, 9 silver, 9 Bronze). Next best result was showed by sportsmen from Sonkal club from Latvian city Ikshkile. Baltic Tiger cuo 2017 was sponsored by many spnsors  and has supported by Sport Department of Riga City Council. RESULTS

2015 - 2016

3rd of May 2016, Lausanne, Swiss. THE TALKS HELD BETWEEN ITF AND WTF.

The talks between the ITF President Prof. RI Yong Son and the WTF President Dr. Choue Chungwon have taken place in the friendly atmosphere in Lausanne.On the basis of the common understandings that both sides are recognized as the International bodies to govern the worldwide activities relating to the Taekwon-Do, both Presidents profoundly shared the views and perspectives on the settlement and further development of Taekwon-Do for the benefits of all Taekwon-Do practitioners across the world

24-30 of April 2016, Taekwn-do ITF Eiropean Championships

It was a great event! More than 1200 pdrticipants (800 competitors) started in ITF Championships. Latvian Team to EURO'2017 has 3 competitors only.   They have a lot of conkurence in Junior division. So, in patterns black belt 1st degree was 4 groups in male and four groups in female divisions. Our fighters star from 1/32 of final and moved up and lost on 1/4. Ithe same in sparring. We lost in 1/4 of final.

9 January 2016., Latvian Taekwon-do Federation organized event  BEST of the BEST, where celebrated the best Latvian Taekwon-do ITF sportsmen and competitions results of 2015. In this event was awarded whose who show the best results in 2015. Here was the European and World Cups and Championships winners and whose who only has successfully debuted in 2015Traditionally was awarded best students from all Latvian TKD clubs, best coaches, active members of LTF, so all together was 16 nominations. Pictures from event

1 Gold and  1 Bronze from Open CIS & World Cup 2015 !26-28 of November 2015 in  Minsk, Belarus was hold Open CIS & World Taekwon-do ITF Cup. Where was took part more than 1000 competitors. Three competitors was from our Latvian Taekwon-do Federation. One of them was Sergei Gushchin, he compete in Patterns where was 60 participants, and he won some plays but was only in 8th of best players in devision. Polina Medvedeva was more successul,  she won two medals. In a big concurence she won the gold medal in patterns from 1 degree black belts in Cadets division and was third in sparring and won the bronze medal.

4 Gold, 1 Silver and 2 Bronze brought our athletes from Sweden!
6 athletes of the Latvian Taekwon-do Central School (LTCS) back from Gothenburg with the 7 trophies from Open Gothenburg Taekwon-Do ITF Championship 2015. In two awards (sparring and tul) received Arseny Elksnin (1st in sparring and 2nd in patterns) and Armands Slars (1st in patterns and 3rd in  sparring), gold medal won Jānis Jurkāns (patterns) and Sergey Gushchin (sparring), bronze won Andey Reimanis (Patterns).

International competition in Taekwon-Do ITF "Amber Cup 2015"

was held 02-03rd of October 2015 in the Olympic Sports Centre in Riga. Latvian Taekwon-do Federation holds this tournament for many years, and every year the event is gaining popularity. Teams from six countries gathered at the Amber Cup this year.  Competitors from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Estonia, Finland and Latvia were are represented in Amber cup 2015. Such a representative structure of participants gathered for the first time in the history of the Amber Cup. Athletes to be impressed by the competition, and of course very valuable competition experience of international matches. Most participants demonstrated great skill and even sophisticated audience could not take his eyes off the fascinating competitions in Patterns and dynamical sparrings, noting the high level of coming athletes. More information looking on the WEB of  the Amber Cup.

Summer Training Camp in CRO COMBAT CENTRE with Master Semenkov. From  20th till 31st of July 2015 Latvian Taekwon-do Federation have organized the 2nd Training Summer Camp in Croatia, in the main of European Taekwon-do training base CRO COMBAT CENTRE (CCC).  In this training camp took part best of Latvian Cadets and Juniors athletes. During this training camp was 23 training sessions conducted by Master Vjacheslav Semenkov.   Participants not only increase their own level of skill in Patterns and Sparring, but also able to enjoy all the marvels of Croatia, training and transitions in the mountains and swim in the clear waters of one of the most beautiful countries in Europe.

1 Gold and 2 Bronze medals won Latvian competitors in European Taekwon-do championships 2015 in Andria, Italy!

It was a great success of our competitors in the 25 year's history of Latvian ITF Taekwon-do. The Gold medal in sparring won our cadet David Paura (-60kg). He has won two fights, with Ukrainian opponents both of them.  The Bronze medal in Adult Sparring -57kg won Sharmena Lukashevicha and the Bronze medal has won Polina Medvedeva (cadet, Patterns, Red belts) 


Latvian Taekwon-do Federation celebrate 25-years Anniversary!  Honoring the best athletes of the outgoing 2014 and the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Latvian Taekwon-Do Federation (LFT) was held on December 20th in TOSS Bowling in Riga. At this event were awarded our sportsmen in 6 sections 19 nominations. Newcomers who start to compete in in 2014 were awarded in start of Event, The best students of LTF clubs,  The best athletes among Cadets, Juniors and Adults was awarded separately as best Male and Female. Next was awarded the best coach of the year,  and the Athlete showed the best result of the year. Special prizes for the support and development was granted to our partners and sponsors. In conclusion, all those present expecting a giant cake in honor of 25-year anniversary of Latvian Taekwon-Do Federation.